Travel Tips 
The currency used in El Salvador is the US dollar.
Since it is one of the countries with highest rate of crime, its best for tourists to contact the Embassy at arrival. Also, its preferable hiring men for Tourist Police before taking trips to various regions in the country.

Places of entertainment
El Salvador has a lot of attractions, such as some archaeological areas, including San Andrés Tazumal and Joya de Ceren. Also, there are plenty of black sand beaches (volcanic type) where high waves ranging between 3-5 meters which are suitable for surfing are found in Roca Sunzal beach, in the area of El Tunco.  There are many volcanoes, such as El Boquerón which overlooks the capital's suburbs and volcanoes that have been inactive for over almost a hundred years like the Santa Ana volcano and Izalco volcano. Tourists can ask for advice or request a tour through the tourism office or the tourism police. There is a variety of lakes
such as Lake Coatepeque and Lake Ilopango, as well as many museums such as the Anthropology Museum (MUNA), the Art Museum (MARTE) and the Natural History Museum (MUHNES).